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Q. How much is each unit of competency?

A. Just $8+GST.

Q. What if i choose and pay for the wrong unit?

A. Please choose carefully. You are purchasing access to the assessment platform and not a physical product. This means there is no physical product that can be returned. Credit towards another unit may be offered should you select the incorrect assessment unit access.

Q. How does RPL Assess work?

A. RPL Assess is designed to provide a consistent, valid and transparent RPL approach. All too often assessors' judgments on RPL evidence vary.

RPL Assess includes examples of typical RPL evidence and a recommended numerical value for the piece of evidence.

To find out more information for an RTO, please refer to our RTO User Guide.

Q. Do I get instructions on how to ‘make it work’?

A. Yes, please refer to our User’s Guide

Q. Can the RTO assessor decide on the value of evidence?

A. Yes, You're in control. An essential step in the RPL process asks the assessor to assign a numeric value to each item of evidence. The assessor may accept or reject the RPL Assess recommendations.

Q. How does the 100 points idea work?

A. The RPL Assess system allows you to easily and quickly assign your numerically valued evidence against each Performance Criteria, Performance Evidence and Knowledge Evidence.

The RPL Assess system tracks this process with a live barometer/sliding scale. When the barometer reaches 100 points, a satisfactory result is achieved - move to the next criteria.

To find out more about how an assessment is conducted, please refer to our Assessor User Guide.

Q. I don't usually assess a RPL application in such detail. Isn't 100 points for every criterion 'over the top'?

A. The Rules of Evidence and the Principles of Assessment require RTOs to confirm a satisfactory performance standard against each aspect of the unit of competency - just like any other form of assessment.

RPL Assess captures and manages this process online. It creates a tangible and measurable record of how the assessor arrived at their assessment judgment.

Q. Can I show the assigned evidence to an auditor?

A. Yes. Once the RPL assessment is completed, the evidence is locked. The evidence assigned to each Performance Criteria, Performance Evidence and Knowledge Evidence can be viewed via a drop down menu at any time.

Q. Will this RPL approach pass audit?

A. There can never be a guarantee. In fact, you should be wary of developers offering an audit guarantee. We have an exceptional track record, passing multiple ASQA audits without alteration or comment.

Q. Does the RPL approach cover each aspect of the unit of competency?

A. Yes. The Performance Criteria, Performance Evidence, Knowledge Evidence and Assessment Conditions are assessed. The evidence assigned to each criterion must reach 100 points.

Q. How do I receive the unit once the purchase is made?

A. Once you register you will have your own sub-domain - for example: https://yourname.oamsapp.com.au - with your login and password. You access your unit(s) via your sub-domain - no need to return to our main website.

To find out more information for an RTO Manager, please refer to our RTO Manager User Guide.

Q. Is RPL Assess also a student management system?

A. No. Simply enroll your student (as usual) then manually enter their core details into the student's profile.

When the student is finished, you will receive a Completion Transcript that details the student's result. Enter the student's result into your student management system and produce the certificate, as usual.

You can inspect the student's completion transcript at any time.

Q. Can I sync RPL Assess with my student management system?

A. Yes. Our developers will work with your developers to create a seamless platform integrating with your preferred student management system.

Q. How much will this cost me?

A. There's some variables to be considered. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q. Do students have to download the assessment booklets to complete a unit?

A. No. There are no paper based documents to download. RPL Assess is a fully digital assessment platform that directly links to training.gov.au for all Unit of Competency information.

Each Unit of Assessment will provide RPL access to current details online for the following sections taken directly from the Unit of Competency: - Elements and Performance Criteria - Performance Evidence - Knowledge Evidence - Assessment Conditions

To find out more about how an assessment is conducted, please refer to our Assessor User Guide.

Q. How do students upload the RPL documents?

A. The student may upload a document, audio file, video file or photo using the BROWSE & UPLOAD option.

Consider apps that easily scan, 'flatten' and crop documents like: CamScanner; Genius Scan;

To find out more information for Students, please refer to our Student User Guide.

Q. Will RPL Assess work on a tablet or phone or other mobile device?

A. Yes, the RPL Assess platform will work on any device.

Q. Can RPL Assess be accessed offline?

A. No. There's no need. Simply ensure your students have access to reliable Internet when they enroll.

Q. Are my credit card details secure?

A. Yes, we use the eWAY online credit card management system https://www.eway.com.au eWay is a member of Gobal Payments, a leading worldwide provider of online payment technology.

Q. Are the personal details of my students, trainers and RTO secure?

A. Yes, Amazon Web Services is known for its security and integrity. Amazon Web Services is one of the most renowned providers of cloud storage solutions in the world. All private information on Trainers and Students is kept on the same Amazon Web Services to ensure security of your details.



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